In an ideal world, everyone would share their creativity. They'd contribute ideas and link up their different knowledge sets to help take the organization where it is trying to go. Going back to the days when we still lived in caves, the idea of shared co-operative activity has been what helped us survive and grow. Pooling our ideas as much as our physical strength helped keep us fed, clothed, warm, and sheltered. And in today’s challenging business environment, the same story applies – mobilizing high-involvement innovation is critical.

But simple slogans about how much ‘our organization relies on people’s creativity’ isn’t going to be enough. There’s a practiced art to successful innovation, and if we’re serious about mobilizing high-involvement, we need to recognize it’s a learning journey. We can pack some powerful support tools into our luggage as we pack for this trip, but at heart, the big question is around building and sustaining an innovation culture.

This e-book combines two reports* by Professor John Bessant, in collaboration with HYPE Innovation, on the topic of high-involvement innovation. Content from the e-book is based on key research in the area of high-involvement innovation and draws particularly on interview data with practicing innovation managers. Special thanks to Sarah Kelly (Liberty Global), Sven Grave (Wilo), Stan Heuvink (HERE), Lydia Schneider (GEA), Bob Neuhard (UCSD), and Fabian Schlage (Nokia).

Explore the e-book to learn:

  • The key behaviors of a high-involvement innovation culture
  • The levels of maturity an organization must go through to achieve excellence with high-involvement innovation
  • How to determine which level your organization is operating at
  • Tools to define the road for high-involvement innovation
  • How you can plan for progress and success

Make sure to complete the self-assessment tool, which we built to help you analyze your company's innovation profile and decide on the next steps to take. But first, let's start with enabling high-involvement innovation. Click below to start exploring.

* A Maturity Model for High-Involvement Innovation - Part 1 (PDF)
* A Maturity Model for High-Involvement Innovation - Part 2 (PDF)